University Choice Essay Writing Website vs. The ‘Elite Mystique’

University Choice vs. The ‘Elite Mystique’

My years of counseling university applicants have actually produced an ongoing question for me personally: Why do countless clearly unqualified students nevertheless desire to apply to the Ivy League and other alleged elite colleges? Just What, regardless of the most useful advice we ( as well as others) will give them, drives them to remain fixed on these extremely competitive schools? Exactly What keeps them from centering on a more rational, better matched selection?

I have pondered this syndrome very pre written papers long and difficult and now have come up with some thoughts them today about it and want to share. If you are a senior high school senior planning your college process, or have previously begun it, possibly my responses can help you better realize the challenges you may possibly face if several of the hyper-selective schools is on your set of candidates. I also hope to give you a more objective rationale for choosing a college.

A powerful force that is gravitational a big part in lots of highschool seniors’ college selection processes. Because of the punishing acceptance rates of the Ivies along with other ‘elite’ colleges and universities, this attraction often contributes to bitter frustration in the final tally whenever decisions come out. With single-digit acceptance rates, could it be any wonder?

You will find good reasons to decide on and apply to a college. There are also not-so-good reasons.

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